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CCK was founded forty three years ago by Ethelyn Pinchbeck in her home. Many children over the years have received their first school experience at CCK. Recently a former student, now in college, thanked his mother for sending him to CCK so long ago!! We want to help children seek the foundation for a happy and successful life. Our goals are to build a child’s self confidence and awareness of the world around him or her in a nurturing, happy environment with a developmentally challenging curriculum. Our staff is well trained, and many have had their own children attend the school!!

We continue to uphold the objectives upon which the school was founded.The following quote is from a story passed on over the years by Mrs. Pinchbeck that reflects how we at CCK feel about children.

One day a 5 year old came skipping into the house with an unusually beautiful red rosebud. “Look, Mommy,” she spoke happily, “I’m blooming it”. Indeed she was. Her little fingers were delicately pulling back each petal one by one in a remarkably orderly way. Her parents brought to the table another rose which had bloomed naturally. Even a 5 year old could quickly see that her rosebud had been fractured, however tender her blooming. The other rose was serene and unspoiled from opening in nature’s own way. Children should be permitted to “unfold” as naturally as a flower.

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