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Our Four's Program is a continuation of our Three's Program. It is well balanced, and challenges the needs of each child. This has always been an important goal at CCK. It is especially exciting to watch each child’s development over the two years of preschool at CCK. The children get the most out of their preschool experience from the continuity of the two years in the program. Of course we welcome new students and their parents to our program at any time, always recognizing their individual needs to help with their adjustment to preschool.

As four year olds, the children are ready to learn things in more depth. Their span of attention is developing, as well as their small muscle coordination. The program has a well planned age appropriate curriculum. We study the ABC’s and numbers in a fun way, coordinating each day’s plans into a well-balanced experience. Art, music, and creative play is taught with a theme in mind, as well as continued social development in a fun way, but with a purpose. We continue to foster appropriate social skills as the children become more interactive in their play and friendships.

The children continue to receive weekly visits from our music and creative movement teachers. We take field trips to New Pond Farm Education Center in West Redding, to reinforce some of our themes during the year.

We feel we meet the challenges of a maturing little person who has a longer attention span, fine motor and gross motor skills that are maturing, and a very curious mind ready to learn more. We feel this is a good time to introduce our Enrichment Programs which help to enhance their love of learning. In a small class setting we explore topics that are pleasing to the children (i.e., How Our Bodies Work, Animals Near and Far Away, and Countries of the World) are favorite topics.

Of course parents continue to meet for monthly coffees with the director and/or teacher to discuss parenting topics and socialize. Parents continue to participate in holiday programs with their child.

9:00 am - 1:00 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday(including lunch)

Enrichment Wednesday and/or Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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