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A child’s first preschool experience at CCK is the foundation for his or her future school years. We strive to build a confident child who is very aware of the world around him or her, develops independence through skill development, and develops a love of learning which is so important for future school success!

Social skills are very important in our Three's Program. With our excellent teacher-pupil ratio we are able to help develop social skills by facilitating language to solve problems, make suggestions during play time, and help our children learn to feel comfortable approaching their peers. They learn to be good friends, share, take turns, sit in a group at circle time and learn the “give and take” in being part of a group of peers.

To help meet our goals we use a “multi-sensory” “hands-on” approach with attentive and caring teachers who provide every opportunity for each child to learn and discover at his or her own pace. Their fine and gross motor skills are developing while playing or doing a creative art project. We teach cutting with a scissor, recognizing their own name in print, colors, basic number skills, and self help skills. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum helps to reinforce these early skills.

Built into the regular weekly schedule, the children experience visits from our music and creative movement teachers. In the spring we introduce soccer in our fenced in play field to foster large muscle coordination activities and the idea of team work.

Starting in September on a monthly basis, Mother’s coffees are held with the director and/or teacher to help mothers meet each other and to discuss any parenting concerns they might have. Parents also participate in several holiday programs scheduled throughout the year with their children.

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Extended day option available starting in January

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