At CCK we work hard to build a supportive and vibrant community founded on the school’s rich traditions. At CCK we aim to incorporate visits from local community members and have the kids take trips to local businesses to discover the world around them.

Parents are invited to join in the community as guests at various school events and to monthly parent coffees.



The teachers at CCK know how exciting it is for your child to be on their own for the first time in school. Almost every one of our teachers were in fact CCK parents before returning to work as teachers. They were impressed with the curriculum, felt a special connection to the CCK community, and noticed how their children thrived at CCK. Having teachers that strongly invested in the spirit of the school makes it a very special place.

Our lead teachers at CCK have an average of 15 years of experience. The teacher to child ratio of 1:5  is better than the state standard of 1:10. This ensures that your child will receive the individual attention that they need to feel supported as they grow into a confident student.