Our Four’s program is a well-balanced curriculum that challenges the needs of each child. This has always been an important goal at CCK. As four year olds, the children are ready to learn things in more depth. Their span of attention is developing, as well as their small muscle coordination. Some of the themes we cover include: Native American, holidays, winter, ABC unit, solar system and dinosaurs.

Art, music, and creative play are also related back to the theme so the children can make more connections to the world around them. We continue to foster appropriate social skills as the children become more interactive in their play and friendships. The children continue to receive weekly music and yoga enrichment. Our program is enriched with in-depth themes that fascinate children – The Human Body, Countries Around the World and Animals in Nature. The Fours class takes a few local field trips to reinforce some of our themes during the year. Extended hours are available.


4 day program | 9:00 – 1:00pm                                                                      Extended hour “CCK FunClub” on Monday and Friday until 2pm

Options:                                                                                                             Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday                                                             OR                                                                                                                     Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday