Preschool is the foundation for a child’s future school years. We strive to build a confident child who is aware of the world around him or her, develops independence through skill development, and possesses a love of learning. We believe that these foundational years prepare the child for future school success.

To help meet our goals, we use a “multi-sensory” “hands-on” approach. Our attentive and caring teachers provide every opportunity for each child to learn and discover at his or her own pace. Their fine and gross motor skills are developing while playing with a puzzle or doing a creative art project. We teach cutting with a scissor, colors, basic number skills, and recognizing their own name in print. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum helps to reinforce these early skills. They learn to be “good friends”, share, take turns, sit in a group at circle time and learn the “give and take” in being part of a group of peers.

The children receive weekly music and yoga enrichment as part of their week.


3 day program | 9:00 -12:00pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
option – beginning in Jan. one day extended for lunch until 1pm